Team Rectify Has Successful Weekend Of Competition

by Tyler Nienburg | September 22, 2020

The weekend of September 19-20 for Rectify was quite entertaining with the Brawlhalla Autumn 2v2 Championships happening and then the Rectify CS:GO boys playing another ESEA Main League match. 

Starting with Saturday, Lil Capped & Ithrow both came into the 2v2 Championship with frustration from their performance in the 1v1 portion of this event the prior weekend. 

This tournament started out in dominant fashion sweeping teams left and right up until Top 8 Winners where they beat Pier & Sting Ray to get there. Going into Top 8, Rectify ran into the brick wall known as Cody Travis & Phazon who beat us 3-0.

That puts us down to the losers bracket where we won 3-1 against Pugsy & isidroo and then run into a familiar opponent known as Boomie & Sandstorm who ended our run at 4th winning 3-1.

Going into Sunday, Rectify CS:GO was feeling strong about their performance in Game 5 winning 16-12 against 'Swag Money'. Game 6 is the perfect script you'd hope for in a win for Rectify as we took it 16-9 making us 4-2 on the ESEA Main Season. 


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