SteelSeries Invitational 2022 – Doubles Recap & Singles Expectations!

by Paran01d VG | April 16, 2022

Hey, Rectifam!

We had the Doubles tournament of the SteelSeries Invitational on the 9th and 10th featuring the European and North American players. Representing us, we had Spectre paired with Cedero along with Walshy & Hardymj and Lil Capped & Ithrowow. Additionally, I’ll be covering a preview into the Singles tournament that’s coming up this weekend to seek the perspectives of our players!

Up first, on the EU side, Spectre and Cedero go up against Spyrox and Koko. It was a well fought bo5 with everyone on their last stock in each round, but unfortunately, Spectre and Cedero lost (3-0), taking them to the losers round 1. simple and Godly were their next opponents, but it was the end of Spectre and Cedero’s run as they faced another loss (3-1), finishing in the 13th place.

Next up, in the NA event, We had Lil Capped and Ithrowow against Santy and Experience which ended up in a 3-0, sending our players to losers round 1. Going against wubz and Cosolix next, Lil Capped and Ithrowow put up a good fight, but weren’t able to defeat the double Ulgrim pick, resulting in a 13th place finish

Last but not least, we have Walshy and Hardymj against Parallel and dawg. They continue with the trend of insanely close matches having everyone down to the last stock, but lose (3-1) sending them to the losers round 1. Trying to make a come back, Walshy and Hardymj wun against Simba and Renmy (3-0) leading them to losers round 2 against Maid and Blaizzy. It was a little too close for comfort in this match, but Walshy and Hardymj gain the win nonetheless (3-2). They eventually make their way to losers round 3 where they meet Phazon and Cody Travis, but have a halt to their win streak (3-1), ending in a 7th place finish.

Onto the next segment, we look into the expectations of our players in the Singles tournament following this week:

1) What's your reflection looking back on the 2v2?

Lil Capped: In 2v2s we went trying to just have fun since ithrow was playing on wifi on a different setup so we didn’t care too much.

2) What's your expectation going into the upcoming Singles tournament?

Lil Capped: I expect to have a couple close games and maybe try a new character or something.

3) A majority seems to prefer the LAN format of tournaments, but how are you faring with the online structure so far.

Lil Capped: I also prefer lan and I think playing this much online has totally shattered a lot of willpower to play for me and others.

4) Is there anyone you are looking forward to fight with?

Lil Capped: I look forward to fighting anybody that isn’t using axe. Everyone else is a nice matchup.

This post also comes with an update as Spectre will be partially retiring from the scene as life has caught up with him (you can see his tweet here if you haven’t already). He will be taking part in the 1v1s while dropping the 2v2 tournaments.

That’s all from us, see you all after!


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