Lil Capped Retires From Professional Brawlhalla

by Paran01d VG | May 23, 2022

Hello, Rectifam!

The legendary Bodvar player himself, Lil Capped, is retiring from professional play. Making his name through several events and eventually becoming one of the highlighted players of Rectify, It’s finally time to call an end to the chapter. Looking back at the experiences and memorable events, I’ve taken the opportunity to interview Lil Capped and Tyler, the owner of Rectify Gaming.

Lil Capped

1) What were your most favorite parts throughout your journey with Rectify and as a competitive player?

Lil Capped: My favorite parts of my journey was getting to travel the continent getting to see all these new places and meeting all these people I’ve been playing games online with. My other favorite part was getting to play on stream in front of an awesome crowd of people repping the Rectify Crew.

2) Looking back at all the events you’ve participated in, what do you feel were the best moments?

Lil Capped: One of the best moments was getting to win a Major LAN event in Dreamhack Montreal 2v2s with Ithrow. Winning a Lan was always on my list of things to do. Another memorable moment was Shine 2016 which was my first LAN and it was super exciting to make it to top 8 and meet everyone for the first time.

3) What are your plans moving forward?

Lil Capped: I’m going to try and move forward in the future with competing in Pickleball. It will be nice to get to travel again for that. On top of that I’m going to be spending a lot more time getting as many experiences as I can while I’m in my 20s whether it be spending more time with friends and family or looking into careers or just anything really.

4) Are you considering getting back into the competitive scene in the later future, not necessarily only Brawlhalla, but other fighting games or genres?

Lil Capped: I plan on playing Brawlhalla tournaments if they’re ultra convenient for me and I’ll still come to BCXs but I won’t be practicing for any kind of game like I did in the past.

5) Anything you’d like to say to the community?

Lil Capped: Id’ like to say thanks you to everyone who supported me and everyone who watched my streams and tournament sets. It made me very happy to have people tell me they played Bodvar or Brawlhalla because of me and I’ll do my best to do great things with everything I learned from this community.


1) What were your initial feelings when you first picked Lil Capped into the roster?

Tyler: When we first picked up Lil Capped, I felt like this was the first time this organization had a reason for the outsiders to take Rectify more seriously. Lil Capped was our first professional player competing in a Pro league which then led him to be the face of Rectify from there on out as most people say.

2) What do you feel were the most memorable times with Lil Capped?

Tyler: The most memorable times with Lil Capped without a doubt was in 2019. I would say this was the prime of his Brawlhalla career from winning the 2v2 online Summer Championship then going onto with DreamHack Montreal with Ithrowow again and then DreamHack Atlanta. Brandon and Ithrowow were in the grand finals for the Brawlhalla World Championship placing 2nd. These were great times and moments we will never forget as they were the biggest accomplishments for Rectify Esports on LAN and online.

All good things come to an end, but great memories were made through the experience. I too am personally honored to write posts on players such as Lil Capped. Show him your love and support!

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