Rectify Rebrand Revealed!

by Paran01d VG | July 30, 2021

Good day gamers!

For a while now, we’ve left you all in anticipation for the big news; well, it’s finally here! The organization is having a widespread rebrand across all the areas that we operate in, which includes: Rectify Gaming, Rectify Esports, and Rectify Arena. In addition, we will be adding Rectify TV, which is where we will be broadcasting our charity events, talk shows, tournaments and more. Why was a rebrand necessary? What’s to come for the future? We have you covered with all the answers in our interview with Ben (our graphic designer) and Tyler!

Before heading into the interview, let’s take a look at a side-by-side view of the fresh new looks we will be adopting from today! We do have to note that the new logo for Rectify Arena is still in the works, but will be announced soon.

Order from left to right: Rectify Gaming, Rectify Esports and Rectify TV

Additionally, we have new emotes coming to our Twitch channel which can be availed as per the tier subscriptions:

Thought I might add a little history lesson in as well, so here you go:

It all started at Rectify Gaming. The organization was originally making ground as a media outlet since 2013 and grew over the years by introducing podcasts, acquiring access to E3 and PAX as media, hosting charity streams and finally expanding into the esports scene by competing in the various games like CS:GO, SSB, PUBG, CoD, Brawlhalla, and many other games. Alright, with this short history lesson completed, lets get on with the interview:

What is the purpose of this rebrand?

Ben: The purpose of the rebrand was to keep up with modern design trends and to build a stronger identity across all brands. The brands under Rectify had the same identity over a few years and fell behind, so a new look was needed to freshen things up. While creating the rebrand I wanted to stay true to the previous identity, and strengthen the overall look. Rectify built a loyal fanbase over the years, so having their feelings in mind was a very important part of the process. I didn’t want to make something completely new where the fanbase may lose recognition. As an end result, I created a more modern mascot and typography logo for Rectify esports, and stuck with the hexagon theme for Rectify Gaming.

What was the inspiration behind these fresh new designs?

Ben: Me and Tyler collaborated heavily on the Rectify Esports rebrand. He shared with me examples of successful esports brands who currently use mascot logos. We looked at brands like Misfits and Rogue to help pave a path to creative success. Unlike the old branding, we wanted to make sure that this logo could be used in all settings. Black, white, big, or small. We also referenced the CDL and OWL to follow the format of having a main icon logo and a secondary typographic logo. As for Rectify Gaming and Rectify TV, the inspiration came from the essence of each logo. For Rectify Gaming, we wanted to use the shape of a hexagon and built from there. As for Rectify TV, we wanted to simply represent a TV in a creative fashion.

The Rectify brands have had some changes in the logos in the past. In a way, memories can be tied up with each of these periods making each logo signify some sentiment. What were your most favorite memories out of all these periods?

Ben: I’d say my favorite memory was basically my progression throughout being a part of Rectify as a designer. I originally joined as a photographer, but quickly switched roles and became the primary designer. Being part of Rectify for about 4 years means I improved a lot. I started out doing small time projects to covering live events. Rectify has introduced me to so many new aspects of the esports industry that I have never experienced before!

Tyler: Seeing the logos progress over time, it's a great reflection to see how far we've come as an organization. It shows that as we continued to grow, we learned along the way which made us become more professional in how we look and how we approach things now. Right now I'm 24 and when I started Rectify Gaming, I was only 16 years old, so there are a ton of memories to look back on and it'd be hard to list them all but to think how far it has come as far as being a professional company.

With the new logos being reinforced with a stronger identity, it can indirectly lead ourselves with more confidence as an organization in the areas we have already ventured into. With this new strength, what do you envision for Rectify as a whole?

Ben: I feel with the new rebrand there isn’t any limitations to Rectify in a creative aspect. We will attract more fans, members, and sponsors. Our graphics will be well received and our merchandise will be sought after - not just by fans, but anyone who wants to wear something well designed. I feel like the old branding held us back a little bit, but with this new identity, Rectify will be taken more seriously and will have a very promising future.

Tyler: With this rebrand, I feel many people around the world can support this organization with confidence compared to our now previous branding look. During this time period of this great new look created by Ben, you'll see the best of Rectify and we feel we are going to become that organization people want to represent as a fan, player, staff member, and any other way possible. When you have a professional look people take you more seriously, so from many different perspectives this will help Rectify for sure.

Amongst all the logos that have been produced until now, are these the final boss?

Ben: No idea. I’d say they’re final for at least the next 5 years

There you have it, gamers. Eras have passed and memories have been locked in. A new change is coming and you’re going to be a part of it. Welcome to the new age of Rectify!

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