Rectify Places 4th In Brawlhalla Midseason Championship

by Ember Webs Collaborator | August 02, 2020

The Brawlhalla Midseason Championships took place during Low Tier City and Rectify had put on a show with their 4th place finish. This makes it 2 weeks in a row that Rectify placed Top 4 since Lil Capped did so in the 1v1 portion.

Lil Capped and Ithrowow have been teamed up for a year now and continue to show why they are one of the best 2v2 teams in Brawlhalla. They had swept their way up to the Top 32 Winners Bracket, but while they are one round away from Top 8 Winners they lose 1 game against Boomie & Remmy winning 3-1.

As they go into the Top 8 winners they run into Cody Travis & Phazon losing 3-0 putting them in Top 6 losers where they beat Pugsy & Isidroo. As Top 4 comes around they run into Boomie/Remmy again going to a Game 5 and final stocks in game, but take the loss making them 4th of over 2,000 teams at Low Tier City.




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