Rectify Lose Early In SteelSeries 1v1 Championship

by Tyler Nienburg | August 23, 2020

It was the second week of the SteelSeries Championship which means it was the 1v1 portion. Last week in the doubles event Lil Capped & Ithrowow placed 5th making that another consistent Top 5 finish in a major Brawlhalla Esports event.

Going into the singles event for SteelSeries there were over 7,000 competitors which was more than the Low Tier City Mid-Season Championships.That means competition is tough for everyone including for Rectify.

Starting in Pools, Ithrowow and Lil Capped both swept them, but heading into the Top 256 pools is when things got interesting. Lil Capped had gotten knocked down to losers by Van Thurl and Ithrowow got knocked down by impala. 

Both players make it to the Top 32 losers side, but the run ends short. 

Lil Capped places 25th

Ithrowow places 17th


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