Rectify has successful weekend at Combo Breaker, Momocon and more

by Tyler Nienburg | May 29, 2023

The last weekend of May 2023 proved to be a busy and successful weekend for the Rectify Esports Fighting Game players. Going into this weekend our very own Dittle entered the Mortal Kombat 11 Combo Breaker tournament while WonderBread went to MomoCon to compete in both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles and Singles. Lastly, Spectre competed in a EU Tier 1 Brawlhalla tournament online. 

 Going into Combo Breaker there were only 90 entrants for Mortal Kombat 11, but the competition was still tight for Dittle. Pools consisted of 3 brackets to get through if you wanted to hit Top 24 no matter if it was Winners or Losers. 

Dittle took the first two rounds in the winners bracket, but fell short 3-1 to TMM Nicolas putting him in the Losers Bracket for Top 24. Dittle took on TGC BlueLinkys, but lost 3-1 in the first round and placed Dittle at 17th. 

Looking at MomoCon 2023 longtime player for Rectify Esports, WonderBread entered the competition along with his Doubles partner, Tachyon. The local Gainesville, Florida players took on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles tournament along with 86 other teams. 

The pools for WonderBread and Tachyon was an easy sweep and they advanced to Top 16 where they faced Light & Cosmos and defeated them 2-1. After that they would find themselves losing the Winners Semi-Finals and they ended up placing 5th overall in the MomoCon 2023 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles Tournament.

WonderBread also placed 49th in Singles the next day.

Spectre was also busy competing in an online Brawlhalla event for EU competitors hosted through the Brawl League named 'Rebellion 2023'. Spectre fought his way through pools and Top 32 finding himself in Losers Round 1 in Top 8 taking on well known Brawlhalla EU Professional, Vipr3 and winning that matchup 3-1. 

Losers Round 2 was a tough one losing 3-0 to Neeze having Spectre place 5th overall out of 444 entrants in this Singles tournament.

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