Rectify Gaming, Inc. announces partnership with gaming supplement brand Advanced

by Tyler Nienburg | May 21, 2021

Rectify Gaming, Inc. has officially entered into a one-year partnership with Advanced, a gaming supplement company whose products focus on esports professionals, everyday gamers and individuals who find themselves in front of screens for prolonged periods of time.

The partnership will focus on creating esports tournaments hosted by Rectify Gaming and its associated content creators, as well as providing monthly giveaways via social media. The agreement also provides both parties the opportunity to create additional opportunities should the occasion arise.

“I am overly excited to begin working with management at Rectify and its associated creators,” said Advanced Partnership Manager Logan Riehn. “Providing gaming enthusiasts with informational content, along with fielding many great content creators, is a combination I believe separates Rectify from other organizations.”

Advanced joins a growing list of companies now partnered with Rectify Gaming.

“We are excited to partner with a company that we feel has a very bright future in this industry, connecting with esports fans or simply fans of the games themselves,” said Rectify Gaming, Inc. owner and founder Tyler Neinberg. “This is just the start of our partnership with Advanced, and I’m excited by the potential this collaboration has for the future.”

About Rectify Gaming, Inc.

Rectify Gaming, based out of New York, is a media and entertainment company with a mission to give back to the community through entertaining content creation, the sharing of news and stories, and providing competitive esports players and teams to cheer for and follow.

About Advanced

To put it simply, Advanced™ is a gaming supplement company with a mission to produce only innovative products that work—products that do exactly as advertised. Unlike leading brands who crutch on marketing gimmicks, we feel that if you produce quality products they will in turn sell themselves. Advanced™ is a U.S.-based company operated by gamers and experts in the dietary supplement industry.

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