Rectify Enters the Rink! Introducing Our Roller Champions Team!

by Paran01d VG | June 18, 2022

At last, the long awaited game has arrived on May 25th! Its been about 3 years since it was announced at E3 2019, but our patience has been rewarded with a glorious game established with creativity and is the first of its kind to be released. We have always been awaiting the game’s release as we have been itching to enter its competitive scene and we finally scratch it off as we have an announcement today that we will be entering the rink!

To start off, for those who aren’t aware of the game, it’s a 3v3 multiplayer sports game where each team competes to score 5 points by racing around the rink and covering laps while holding a ball uninterrupted by the opposing team, which would enable you to score a point by throwing the ball in the hoop after each successful lap. In addition, further laps can be completed by passing the ball to your teammate. You can gain more points per goal by completing more laps, unless the opposing team tackles you which will reset all your progress.

The game is like American football in a rink on roller skates, kinda. But, the actual inspiration behind this game according to a PlayStation article, in an interview with Gauthier Malou, the Roller Champions’ creative director, was from a dystopian movie from the ‘70s called Rollerball.

We are excited to be involved in Roller Champions with StealthNinja, Stray Kid, and Boo20k

With this little school session over, we now head on to the interview section! Although, in this post we are interviewing 2 players, StealthNinja and Stray Kid.

1) Could you introduce yourself?

StealthNinja: Hi, my name is Andrew and I go by StealthNinja. I’m 23 and I have an associates in computer information systems.

Stray Kid: Hello! My irl name is Tyler, but you can call me Stray. I absolutely love having multiple hobbies. It ranges from things like art & cosplay, all the way to ballisong flipping and yo-yos. I like to keep my life creative and fun and love meeting new people all the time.

2) What has your background in gaming been like? What kind of games have you played and competed in?

StealthNinja: Growing up with video games since I was little, I’ve played of every kind. I began to live and breathe competitive games when I picked up Rocket League back in 2015. When I went to college, I dropped a casual 600 hours in competitive Overwatch in just my first semester, and picked up competitive hearthstone as well. Over the next few years I went back and forth in collegiate esports in all three games, as well as winning a local rocket league tourney, and getting 3rd at Dreamhack Austin for Overwatch. Ever since 2020, I've really wanted my competitive journey to go into Roller Champions, and I can't wait to see where the game takes me.

Stray Kid: I've been gaming since I was around 3 or 4 years old. My mom used to sit me down and play Donkey Kong Country on the SNES with me. That was the beginning of my journey. From there I moved on to just about every console you could imagine, until I discovered PC building and gaming. My life changed at that point. I've only ever competed in local MTG tournaments, Smash Bros locals, and a few smaller League of Legends tournaments.

3) With the game being the first of its kind, what were your initial thoughts on it and what got you excited to play it?

StealthNinja: Its unique design and potential was very attractive as a competitive game enjoyer. Coming from rocket league, the aspect of a unique sports game was appealing and was a great opportunity for a new competitive game and experience.

Stray Kid: When I first heard about Roller Champions I was working for Ubisoft at the time. I've been excited for this game since I originally saw it. I've always loved niche sport games that required teamwork and only smaller teams. So this game is absolutely perfect for me.

4) How do you describe your experience after all the gameplay you played through?

StealthNinja: My experience with the game has been wild from the e3 pre-alpha, through all the testing phases, and now in the kick-off season, but every step has been a blast from learning a new game to meeting some awesome new friends to finding a really awesome community. This game has had many changes but I enjoy the clean flow of the rink and vast move-set available in my arsenal.

Stray Kid: My experience has been nothing but fantastic since the initial playtest. I've met SOO many wonderful players, casters, organizers, teams, artists, and content creators. I couldn't ask for a better experience. Playing that very first casual game with my friends on launch almost brought a tear to my eye.

5) How do you feel about the opportunities ahead when it comes to the competitive scene or just the game as a whole?

StealthNinja: I am extremely excited and looking forward to the opportunities for me both in Roller Champions and Rectify Esports. This has always been a dream and can't wait to see what the future holds. This game is built for success both as a game and as an esport, and I know the community will help it grow.

Stray Kid: I'm VERY excited about the things to come with the competitive scene for RC. I’m always excited to get experience playing with new teams and players. Learning as much as I can is always my priority. I can't wait to see the amazing sportsmanship in this community. I really look forward to my time with the Rectify family in the future as well.

6) Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the community?  

StealthNinja: I love all my fellow competitors and can't wait to practice and compete alongside them, and can't wait to meet lots of new skaters as the community for this awesome game continues to grow.

Stray Kid: I could go on all day about this community like I think I already have in this interview haha. But seriously, I love you guys. From Twitter to Discord and in-game, you people are fantastic. Almost like a second family to me. I hope to be able to play more games outside of Roller Champs with you as well. But I really look forward to playing with you and meeting you all. Love you Champs!


Go ahead and give a warm welcome to our new players! You can follow StalthNinja on Twitter by clicking here and Twitch, here. You can also follow Stray Kid on Twitter here and Instagram here.

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