Rectify CS:GO Roster Update

by Paran01d VG | November 11, 2021

Sup Rectifam!

We have some important news to inform as we have a major change in our Counter-Strike team.

We’re reforming the ESEA Main team with the players from the Academy team along with two new signings. The three players who will move from the Academy team are Waddill, DJF and Sarvity, while the two new signings are namely, Static and Mesamiduck. So, here is our lineup for the ESEA Main team:

  • Mesamiduck (IGL)
  • Static
  • Waddill
  • DJF
  • Sarvity

The team is currently 4-2 on the season as they represent Rectify Esports in CS:GO with their next matchup being against the Michigan Tech Huskies

For more information on our new Counter-Strike team you can check our team page.

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