Rectify CS:GO Qualified For ESEA Advanced

by Tyler Nienburg | December 03, 2020

It has been a long Season 35 for Rectify's CS:GO squad as they finish the regular season 11-5 seeded at 14th making the playoffs. 

Going into the playoffs, Rectify are in their in more of a underdog role as they go on to face and beat top seeded teams such as Villainous Academy and Skeet Skeet Watergun. 

This put us in Top 8 of the ESEA Main Playoffs which means every match is worth money, but going into the upper round 6 we face #2 seed Cohesion who go on to sweep us putting us in the lower bracket.

The lower bracket matchup was against UGK Esports who were seeded #11 who ended up sweeping Rectify CS:GO 2-0 ending our run in the playoffs.

Despite losing in that fashion the good news to come out of this season was that Rectify qualified for the ESEA Advanced league. 

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