Rectify CS:GO pulls off upset and place 5th at Brawlhalla 2v2 World Championships

by Tyler Nienburg | November 10, 2020

It was a busy yet successful weekend for Rectify with its CS:GO team pulling off an upset in the ESEA Main Playoffs and our Brawlhalla squad placing 5th overall in the 2v2 World Championships.

Starting the weekend off was the Brawlhalla 2v2 Finals which featured over 1,000 total teams. Lil Capped & Ithrowow started out strong leading up into the Top 8 Winners side where they came to face a familiar opponent in Phazon & Cody Travis.

That series went 5 games with Rectify falling short putting us in Loser Quarter Finals. Going into the Loser bracket we face Pier & Hardymj who take us down 3-0 putting as at a 5th Place finish. 

On Sunday, November 8th the Rectify CS:GO squad go into Winners Round 2 of the ESEA Main Playoffs seeded at #14 as they go to face seed #3 in Team Villainous Academy who previously beat us 16-9 in a regular season match.

In this best of 3 series Rectify takes them down 2 games to 1.

Game 1 on Mirage - 16-10 Rectify

Game 2 on Overpass - 16-9 Villainous

Game 3 on Inferno - 16-8 Rectify

Now we look forward to Winners Round 3 of the ESEA Main Playoffs while Lil Capped & Ithrowow still have the 1v1 championships on November 22nd! 

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