Rectify Brawlhalla places 5th in Steel Series Championship

by Tyler Nienburg | August 18, 2020

The Brawlhalla Steel Series Championship kicked off for the first time on August 15th and it started off with the 2v2 portion of the event with 1v1 following it a week later. Ithrowow and Lil Capped looked strong yet again in this competition. 

 The boys started out strong sweeping the competition up until Top 32 where they meet Ethan and Sandstorm, but still manage to win 3-1 heading into Winners Top 8. In the Winners Semi-Final Rectify runs into Cody Travis and Phazon going to a Game 5, but fall short.

Next up in the Losers Quarter Final, Ithrowow and Lil Capped go against Cosolix and Wrenchd while this also goes to a Game 5 Rectify falls just short again finishing the run at 5th place.

Rectify has placed 5th or better in the previous 3 tournaments for Brawlhalla. Next up for Rectify Brawlhalla is the Autumn Championship. 


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