Rectify Brawlhalla looks forward to BCX

by Tyler Nienburg | October 06, 2022

When the Autumn Championships concluded the focus for the Rectify Brawlhalla squad shifts its focus to the biggest event of the year. The Brawlhalla World Championships with a $500K prize pool across singles and doubles. 

Rectify's very own Walshy will be headed to Atlanta next month to  compete in this event along with his partner, Cxti. This duo has been consistently placing Top 8 in the recent team duos events including the Autumn Championship most recently.


Going into BCX Walshy is power ranked #18 in 1v1 and #5 in North America when it comes to 2v2. This will mark the first LAN of 2022 that Rectify will be participating in for Brawlhalla and the first since 2019. 

Walshy will be the only representative for Rectify Esports at this BCX and we will keep you updated on what goes on this November! 

Brawlhalla World Championships will take place from November 4-6, 2022.


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