Lil Capped Puts On A show With 4th Place at Low Tier City

by Tyler Nienburg | July 21, 2020

The Brawlhalla Low Tier City Midseason Championships took place on July 18th for the North American region with almost 7,000 players signed up. Rectify had both Lil Capped and Ithrowow competing in this singles tournament for Brawlhalla. 

There were lots of eyes on this event as it had reached up to 40 thousand viewers all night long due to the addition of viewership rewards on Twitch for in game items. The pressure was clearly on every player that were competing in this event especially if they were on stream.

Andrew 'Ithrowow' had the opening set winning 2-0 against killua fighting to get into Top 32, but he then met with long time competitor, Crockie and creeped into Top 32 losers placing 17th overall. 

Brandon 'Lil Capped' fought his way through the winners side of the bracket defeating STING RAY and Tempo's Boomie to get into the Top 8 winners bracket. Going into this bracket he had to face Cosolix which Brandon ended up losing 3-1 and got sent to the losers side top 6 where he had to face STING RAY again and won that match 3-1.

Going into the Top 4 Lil Capped had to face world champion, Sandstorm while Capped had a terrific run it was stopped after Sandstorm won 3-1. 

 That isn't it for Rectify at Low Tier City because there is the 2v2 portion of the event coming up on July 25th where Ithrowow and Lil Capped will team up and look to secure a win. 


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