Introducing 4 New Content Creators to the Rectifam!

by Paran01d VG | January 29, 2022

What’s good, everyone!

Over the last couple of weeks, we announced 4 new and amazing people joining our content creation team. They are, of course, Des, Arcana, Lahkan, and Cosmic. A pretty diverse selection branching into fighting games and FPS. Without any further explanation, I have interviewed all 4 of them, so you can feast your eyes on their stories!


His name is Gary and he lives in Los Angeles, California. When he was younger, he wasn’t allowed to have a console or pc, ever, so instead, he used to watch the esports scene a lot, particularly the Overwatch League and the pro scene of CS:GO. The first opportunity came at 13 when he got his first console, a PS4, and after a couple of years, he finally got a pc. It was during this time he played Overwatch (Reinhardt main) and got to masters pretty quickly. Currently, he’s playing Valorant and he mains Sova, but can flex just fine based on the maps. Since everyone calls the game a blend of CS:GO and Overwatch, he did feel that he would be better than most CS players at using abilities, although, as he mained tank, his aim didn’t transfer that well. The one thing he loves about the game is that he can be competitive, but he dislikes the matchmaking. I asked him whether he has plans to go competitive or if he has an ultimate goal in mind, to which he replied that he eventually wants to try and go competitive, but he needs to prioritize school right now. As for Phantom or Vandal? He said “Phantom for sure, spray and pray baby”, can’t put it in any way better than that! Lastly, to everyone, he says support Rectify and to look out for some content in the future. Follow him on his Twitch by clicking here, and Twitter, here.


Arcana is 23 years old, autistic, and loves to play anime fighting games. He got into fighting games by playing a lot with his god-brother, but he plays BlazBlue significantly more than the others and is his favorite fighting game of all time. He usually competes in anime fighters, but he dabbles in traditional ones like SFV, Tekken, etc. He co-mains Mai and Izayoi and his weakest matchup is Valkenhayn. The thing he loves most about anime fighters are the aesthetic, the engine, and the acting as he feels is really well done. In all the discussion and interest around BlazBlue, I asked him what sets it apart from the other games he played and he said “BlazBlue always had a special place in my heart for fighting games. Not many people play it for the story but I did. And I adored the story. The voice acting was incredible. I played all of the installments of BlazBlue and the game actually had an English cast”. He wants to do content creation full time and be able to support himself as well as travel to more places like New York, California and eventually go international, maybe even live there. Finally, he would like to say thanks for being brought on board and will do his best to bring good stuff to the community. You can follow him on Twitter here, Twitch here and YouTube here.


Lahkan is a Brawlhalla content creator from the UK and he’s been doing it for around a year now. Brawlhalla was the game he invested a lot of his time in, but he also played Smash 4 a little bit, and Mortal Kombat 9 when he was younger. He got into Brawlhalla because of his interest in Smash as he wanted to buy it, but didn’t want to buy a Switch just for that game, so he eventually came across Brawlhalla on the PS4 and ended up enjoying it more than Smash. People know him for his Mordex, but he moved away from that and started improving a lot on Kor/Sentinel, as for matchups he hates, he said bow or lance. I also questioned him about his content creation career as he gained considerable recognition on YouTube and maintained that consistency for over a year now and he said that he never planned to become a creator, but his first video blew up to nearly 100k, so he just decided to run with that momentum. I followed up by asking if he would have considered continuing if it didn’t blow up, and he replied by saying that he may have as he enjoys making videos, but he also wasn’t certain without the guide blowing up. Additionally, his main goal is to become one of the biggest Brawlhalla creators and possibly branch out. To the community, he says “thank you everyone who supports me, I will always be very grateful.” Go follow him on YouTube here, Twitter here and Twitch here.


Dejan "Cosmic" Miller, is an army veteran and esports personality. His introduction to fighting games were through Tekken 4-7, Naruto Storm series, Injustice 1-2 and finally Brawlhalla. In addition, he played Paladins and played all the games mentioned competitively. Currently he’s a retired competitive player who has been gaming for about 7 years and focuses on helping others reach a high level with the help of the experience he gained over the years. Cosmic mains Isiah and hates the cannon and spear matchup, additionally, he says “it has always been a weak spot especially since my old teammate Paradox was one of the best spear players and still is.” I asked him about what interests him the most about Brawlhalla and what sets it apart from the previous fighting games he played, and he said that “The top player community is very interesting when it comes to BH”. As for the comparison he said, it too, like most other games, requires an abundant amount of time and wins to be skilful, however, he additionally says “the fact that anyone can lose to legit anyone gives a feeling of comradery when it comes down to improving one’s self within the game as a whole.”

I got quite the story when I asked him on how he discovered the moment when he wanted to become a coach. “Almost no one knows this but before I stopped playing Tekken back in 2017, I had a group of players who were all decent at Tekken I would coach them on how to beat myself and other match ups. Really found a passion there. It took some time but after I dropped my first guide on how to improve in Brawlhalla on steam which did very well. I took it upon myself to start coaching others and really using my knowledge to better help players of all ranges close the gap between themselves and the pro players at the top.”

I asked him if he’s ever thinking of getting back into the competitive scene and he responded by saying that he did compete last year but that was to help a friend improve their gameplay in 2v2. He continued saying that he usually teams with a friend to get them to the next level and promotes them to other players “so they can become a house hold name AND so that once the training pays off they will have a very strong foundation to peak even higher without the same amount of support I was giving them”. To end it off, his message to the community is this: “I don't want to be "that guy" but I was told at a very young age that I would not be able to make anything out of playing video games. I want everyone to know they DO have the potential to become a top player in any game of their choice.”

You can book a coaching session from Cosmic by clicking here, and follow him on his socials here for Twitter and here for YouTube.

That’s all from me! Be sure to support the content creators and follow them on all their socials. Hope you enjoyed reading this post and have a good rest of your day!

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