Expanding into EU Brawlhalla! Introducing Spectre!

by Paran01d VG | March 17, 2022

Hey everybody!

So far, we’ve penetrated the NA scene with prominent players you know very well as Lil Capped, Ithrowow and our recent signing, Walshy. This time, according to the owner of Rectify Gaming, Tyler Nienburg, will be the first time we sign an EU player to compete for us in Brawlhalla. The player you may know as Spectre is joining Rectify! I’ve covered an interview with him, which you can continue reading below.

To start off, could you give us an introduction of yourself?

My name is Stan, I’m French. My username is "Spectre", I’m 21 years old, I currently have 5 top 8s, made in the span of 6 months. I’m a former ps4 player and I made my name at the summer championship 2021. In this tournament, I made it to the top 5 and beat Simple, Macheeeete, Koko and took 2 games in a bo5 against Acno in top 8 winners, and I am an Ulgrim main (best Ulgrim EU I think).

What matchup do you hate going against the most?

Katar and sword.

It's remarkable to have such consistency with your performance in a short span of time as well, what do you feel that made you accomplish so much?

I spar every time with Macheeeete, Swata, Delta and Koko, so I'm getting better.

Do you consider them your rivals?

Macheeeete, Delta and Koko yes, but Swata is too strong, he is not my rival.

How did you get into fighting games?

By chance, I wanted to find a F2P and I started to play (Author note: Brawlhalla was Spectre’s first game).

What do you enjoy the most about the competitive scene in Brawlhalla?

I think it's the competition between the players and the reversal of situation in the important match.

Apart from Brawlhalla, what else do you enjoy doing?

Spend time with my friends, and I am very interested in French radio.

What is your ultimate goal, whether it's with Brawlhalla or anything else in life?

Never run out of money in my life, and on Brawlhalla, win a tournament (it's a dream lol).

Do you have any final words you would like to tell the community?

Thank you for supporting the esports players at every tournament, it gives us a lot of motivation.

A kind and positive competitor who has big ambitions, welcome to the Rectifam, Spectre! Let us all support him in his adventure!

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