ESEA Main Season 39 - Rectify Recap

by Paran01d VG | January 10, 2022

Hi Rectifam!

Our boys in the CS team have displayed a phenomenal performance in the current season of ESEA Main, earning them a well-deserved spot on the grand finals against Revel! We’ll be giving a rundown of the team’s season so far, in an easy-to-read style, and if you like, you can watch a few clips embedded in the post.

Upper Round 1: Cyberstorm was our first opponent, taking us in the first match on Ancient and lost: 12-16. The second match was on Dust 2, but they weren’t able to cook up a storm (get it?) with us, resulting in our win of 6-16.

Upper Round 2: Our next opponent was All Gas No Brakes. We won the first match on Nuke (11-16), but we had subsequent losses on the next two maps being Overpass (16-12) and Mirage (16-14), sending us into the lower rounds.

Lower Round 2: This time we had to go up against Vexo White who we lost against in our first match on Ancient (12-16), but we were able to recover in the next couple matches – Dust 2 (16-8) and Overpass (16-6).

Lower Round 3: In this round, we went against Eternal Reign. The first match was our win on Nuke (12-16), but we weren’t let off easy in the second match on Mirage, but were still able to secure the W (17-19).

Lower Round 4: DankerMemerson was our matchup and similar to the previous round, we were persistently pushed even more as we lost the first match on Inferno (16-14), won the second match on Dust 2 (11-16), and finally winning the last hard-fought match on Overpass (17-19).

Lower Round 5: GameSense was our next opponent who we won against on Inferno (16-5) and then Nuke (16-11).

Lower Round 6: Continuing the win streak, we fought Michigan State and won both matches on Nuke (14-16) and Overpass (14-16).

Lower Round 7: Our 2nd last game before the deciding game was up against Nameless Esports. We won both matches on Ancient (11-16) and Nuke (12-16).

Lower Round 8: Our final match that was broadcasted recently was our main ticket to get into the finals against Revel. Thrillingly, we won both matches against DCYS on Nuke (7-16) and Inferno (12-16).

Grand Finals: The final moment we've all been waiting for; the match against Revel. As one would think, being undefeated on Nuke, it was our pick for the first round and we dominated the map (7-16). Inferno was the next pick by Revel which we also won (14-16). To end it off, we were able to secure the deciding match with our pick being Overpass (8-16) and acquired the victory, making us the winners of Season 39!

That's all for now, see you in Advanced!

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