Brawlhalla World Championships 2022 Recap

by Tyler Nienburg | November 20, 2022

The Brawlhalla World Championships concluded about two weeks ago and we figured it's about time to recap you on how the Rectify Brawlhalla squad did. 

Walshy & Capsar were the two players representing Rectify at the event for both the 2v2 and 1v1 tournaments.

Walshy teamed up with Cxti while Capsar partnered with Solarson for Team Doubles. There was no doubt this was going to be the biggest challenge of the 2023 Brawlhalla season since this was the whole world coming together and competing for the ultimate prize.

Not only was this the entire world competing, but for most this was the first LAN of the year unless you qualified for the mid season event. 

For this event there were 679 attendees in total and for team doubles there was a total of 198 teams.

Walshy & Cxti placed 13th losing in Game 5 against Experience & Maid. 

Capsar & Solarson placed 17th losing in Losers Round 2 of Phase 2 against Java & Phazon in three games.

When it came to Day 2, Walshy fought his way through the first two phases of the singles tournament making his way into Champ Sunday. To qualify for Phase 3 he had to take down one of the top rated EU players for Brawlhalla in Hysen. Walshy took the battle in an intense Game 5 battle that happened off stream which happened to be the last match for Saturday.

At the start of Phase 3 Walshy was taken down by Macheeeete in a sweep placing him at 25th at BCX. 

Capsar wasn't able to qualify for the singles tournament.

It was a fun filled event and we will be sure to see you for another year of Brawlhalla. 

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