Brawlhalla Spring Championship Preview

by Paran01d VG | May 07, 2021

What’s up gamers!

We’re here to cover a preview of the upcoming Spring Championship, which will focus on tracking the progress of our three contestants representing Rectify: Lil Capped, Sting Ray and Ithrowow, in the Winter Championship. Do stick around till the end of the post where we explore the expectations of our three contenders going into the next split!

Starting of with the 1v1 tournament, it featured a total of 1878 entrants in the first bracket which our three brawlers breezed through until the top 32 bracket. Lil Capped advanced to the winners round 1 in the top 32, but lost that same round against Santy, making him move to round 2 where he won against Synco. This allowed him to advance to the round 3 where he unfortunately lost to noeL, ultimately eliminating him from the tournament and placing him at 13th.

Next, we have Sting Ray, who also advanced till the winners round 1 of the top 32 bracket where he won against Crockie and moved forward to the quarterfinals which he lost against Cody by match point! As a result, he shifted to round 4 of the losers bracket where he picked himself up and won against Cosolix allowing him to advance to round 1 against noeL and won that round by a wipeout. However, the momentum was lost in the quarterfinals of the losers bracket against Pier, eliminating him from the tournament. He placed 5th.

Our final contender, Ithrowow, advanced till the winners round 3 of the top 256 bracket, but lost that very round, placing himself at a slight disadvantage by moving to the losers bracket; although winning that and advancing further into the top 32 stage. Getting into the losers bracket of the top 32, he lost his ground against Ethan, eliminating him from the tournament and placing him at 25th overall.

The 2v2 tournament had a slightly different outcome with the dynamic duo being Lil Capped and Ithrowow, along with Sting Ray paired up with Java. Lil Capped and Ithrowow had a good run as they were pushing through winners round 1 to the quarterfinals, which was lost. Getting another chance through the losers bracket, they blazed through round 4 to round 1 which they lost against Wrenchd and Cosolix. They placed 7th

It was a bit of a déjà vu scenario in the case of Sting Ray and Java as they advanced to the winners round 1 to the quarterfinals, losing it against Simba and Santy. Putting them in the same situation as they had to enter the losers bracket of round 4 to losers round 1, which was lost against noeL and Parallel, placing them at 7th too.

We now come to the special part of the post featuring the responses of our three brawlers! Here’s how it went:

Q1) What did you feel went wrong in the winter series?

Lil Capped: What went wrong in winter champs was that my opponents were just playing really insane and more unexpected than last season

Ithrowow: I think what went most wrong in the winter series for both game modes is that I had the wrong read for the meta and played characters that match the meta

Sting Ray: In winters, I felt like I got distracted because of all the crazy upsets

Q2) What are your expectations going in to the spring championship?

Lil Capped: My expectation going into spring champs is to get top 8 in both game modes with bodvar

Ithrowow: Expectations is top 16 in 1s and top 4 in 2s

Sting Ray: My expectations for springs is top 3

Q3) Lastly, what would you like to say to your rivals?

Lil Capped: To my rivals I would say they’re all doomed this season

Ithrowow: I will solo bolo them

Sting Ray: To my rivals I’d like to say your time is up

There you have it! Our contenders have set higher expectations and are ready to give their all to achieve it in the Spring Championship!

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