Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2021 - Rectify Recap

by Paran01d VG | May 25, 2021

Sup Gamers,

A couple weeks ago we covered a preview of the Spring Championship and sought out the expectations of our brawlers going into the recent tournament. If you haven’t read that, you can check it out by clicking here. This post is gonna show the events of the Spring Champs and cover the experience of the Rectify players!

This tournament was a bit of a rollercoaster for our players as Lil Capped placing 17th, reached the top 32 till the winners round 1 and lost against Boomie’s Petra and led him to the Losers round 2 against wrenchd, which he lost again, eliminating him from the tournament. We asked him a couple of questions, here’s how it went:

1) What was the reason for the Thor pick in the first match against Boomie?

Lil Capped: I picked Thor against Boomie because Bodvar struggles against Petra in my opinion so I wanted to try and match him a little with Thor but it wasn’t enough.

2) In the last match vs Boomie, he had the last recovery plus the neutral sig to take you out. What was your thinking during that moment and did that catch you off guard?

Lil Capped: Mostly everything Boomie did in the match caught me off guard. He plays so many characters that it’s hard to figure him out 100%. But I was mostly just thinking that he got me good and I need to practice for him more.

Ithrowow had a bit of a rocky ending right before qualifying to the top 32. He faced against hardymj in the winners round 3 of the 256 bracket and lost, leading him to the losers round 6 against Zinquer which he lost as well, placing him at 33rd. A harsh split to experience, but a lot learned as we move onto his experience in this tournament:

1) Evidently, you had a hard time in this split. What was the main issue you dealt with during the end of your run?

Ithrowow: I was playing fait the entire time in 1s because I think she is the best character in the game even though I don’t really practice her. In 2s we tried to play double Thor, but it just didn’t seem to work as well as it did in practice. Although I didn’t place as well as I wanted, I think it was fine as I played to meta and lost to myself more than anything else.

Since he went with the meta that he didn’t practice as much, he did agree that he could have done better if he went with a character that he practiced more.

Sting ray had a phenomenal run this split as he pursued for the win until the winners quarter finals in the top 32, where he lost against Sandstorm. Even though he was in the losers bracket, he blazed past wrenchd, Cosolix and Cody Travis, eventually leading up to the fight against megD who pulled out their signature Ember. The fight was a close one as it went until game 5, but was lost, earning him 4th place. Here’s what he had to say on this match:

1) That was a hard fought battle from your side! What was your thought process on countering megD's Ember, and Sentinel in those couple instances?

Sting Ray: My thought process was countering the way he uses his dodge to approach but my movement wasn't clean enough to execute it. I figured out how to beat him but I figured him out too late into the set. I think moving forward I will have better experience fighting more players.

As for the 2v2’s, Lil Capped and Ithrowow got all the way to the semi-finals round where they did lose and had to be pushed back to the quarter finals of the losers bracket. Even though they did lose that round, they attempted at bringing themselves back up, although they did eventually lose in round 2, eliminating them from the tournament and placing at 33rd. Sting Ray and Java, on the other hand, did manage to pull through and get the dubs all the way until the winners round 1 of the top 32 bracket, setting them down to losers round 2, winning that, but losing round 3 resulting in their elimination. They placed 13th.

That’s all we have for this post on the Spring Champs! As a bonus, here’s a clip of one of the rounds of Sting Ray vs Cosolix

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