BCX Singles NA – Rectify Recap

by Paran01d VG | November 27, 2021

Sup everyone!

The BCX Singles championship was recently held on the 21st which featured the debut of our newest player, Walshy, into our spicy roster making it into a trio of our prized players. We’ll be tracking the pros as we move on with this post and you can also have the added benefit of a few clips I’ve handpicked so your entertainment isn’t all just reading!

First off, we have Lil Capped with his most iconic Bodvar in the Winners first round against ImLlama who switches it up between Caspian and Thatch and takes it to a game 5 which led to a victory for Lil Capped and allowed him to progress into the 2nd round where he faces off against Snowy. Snowy puts up a fight with the sly gauntlets on Rayman making it tough for Lil Capped to maneuver around it resulting in dropping to Losers round 2. Trying to make a comeback, he goes against Van Thurl, yet again sweating it to a game 5, but persistent on that win and allowing him to move up a round to go up against Phazon. In the next round, Phazon picks between Jaeyun and Petra, the matches were intense with the last stock for both competitors in the 4th match, but Lil Capped was able to secure the W with a result of 3-1. Coming to the 4th round, Lil Capped had to go up against Ethan’s Hattori. As Bodvar wasn’t quite working for him because of the 2 match loss, he tried switching things up with the Teros pick which seemed to work well, however it wasn’t enough and resulted in Lil Capped’s incredible streak to hit bedrock and acquiring a 9th place finish.

In Walshy’s run, he fought against Santy in the Winners round 1, but fell short of 2 wins; getting a chance to recover in the Losers round 1 against Anonymous Alex who is a Teros main, which meant this was going to be a mirror matchup as Walshy is known for his Teros too. However! Walshy decided to pick up Val and proved to be formidable as he won the first match, but could not replicate the same performance in the 2nd match, making the score 1-1. At this point, you may think he brings his Teros out, but he takes his chances with Jhala in the 3rd match. It was down to 1 stock for both of them, but Anonymous Alex had success with the neutral sig and won the match despite being 150 damage lesser than Walshy. Walshy finally brings out his Teros in the 4th match and presents some beautiful plays and wins the match, bringing the game to an even score of 2-2. Down to the last match and down to the last stock, it looked even, but Anonymous Alex had the higher ground and ground pounded Walshy down into a 3-2, ending his run in a 25th place finish.

Unfortunately, there was no live showcase of Ithrowow’s games, but we all know how passionate his gameplay would have been. He faced off against Blaizzy in Winners round 1, but caught 2 losses, sending him to the Losers round 1 where he obtained a 3-1 victory over Zexis and got himself to the 2nd round. Raydish was his opponent in the 2nd round, but his run ended there on 1-3, placing him at 17th.

GGs all around! This brings us to the end of the post, we hope you enjoyed reading as well as watching some of the action.

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