Azel Places 4th in Melee Doubles and 13th in Singles at Riptide 2022

by Tyler Nienburg | September 11, 2022

Riptide 2022 has concluded and Azel once again has gone on to have a tremendous weekend in Super Smash Bros. Melee representing Team Rectify. Day one consisted of Team Doubles with Prince Abu.

 The Melee Doubles Pool started off strong with 2 wins in a row making it to the final round in the Winners Bracket fighting for Top 16. Azel and Prince Abu lost to Slowking and Preeminent 0-2, but they got the win in the losers round making it to the Top 16 bracket after beating Midnight Blue and OtES 2-0.

The duo fought their way to the Losers Semi-Final where they lose to Axe and Drephen giving Azel and Prince Abu their Top 4 placement in Melee Doubles at Riptide 2022.

Day 2 & 3 consisted of Melee Singles action for Azel as there were 449 entrants going into this event which means it will be a grind. Saturday was all about pools as he sweeps his way through Round 1 of pools and going into Round 2 he goes up against the best in the business, Team Liquid's HungryBox. 

The match ended fairly quickly after Azel took Game 1 against HungryBox and the rest was history. Getting sent down to the losers bracket all we needed was one win and we got which qualified Azel for Day 3 also known as Championship Sunday. 

Losers Round 1 of Top 32 Singles was an easy sweep for Azel over 'nut' and next up he had Jflex which was a tough one but we come out on top after a Game 5. 

Azel's run ended when he went up against Skerzo getting swept 3-0 which solidifies the 13th placement in Melee Singles at Riptide 2022. 

It was another successful weekend for our very own Azel and we can't wait to share more news on events we will be attending soon! 



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