Azel has strong showing at Wavedash 2023

by Tyler Nienburg | June 19, 2023

Wavedash 2023 has concluded and Rectify's very own Azel had a great showing at the event competing in both Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles and Doubles.

To start out the event on Friday, June 16 Azel and Umarth competed in the Melee Doubles event. They fought through their pools bracket making it an almost perfect run and found themselves in Top 8 Winners. 

It was a tough Winners Semi-Final competing against Axe and Spark winning 3-2 moving to the Winners Final and taking that round 3-0 which guarantees a spot in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final featuring Azel/Umarth and Ralph/Darkatma included a bracket reset which means Azel/Umarth lost the first set and later on lost the reset in Game 5. 

Azel and Umarth place 2nd in Melee Doubles.

Azel also competed in the Melee Singles event placing 25th featuring over 200 players at the event. You can view the bracket here

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