Announcing The RectiVersus 2v2 Showdown

by Tyler Nienburg | October 13, 2022

Rectify Esports is back with another hosted tournament and this time it’s for new platform fighting game, MultiVersus. This event will be a team based event for $200 and it’ll be exclusive to North America.

Not only is the prize pool for this tournament the $200, but we are looking to raise it even higher. Using Matcherino users can donate there to make the stakes higher along with the fact that we can stretch out the earnings to lower places like 4th and 5th.

The event will take place on Saturday October 22nd at 6 PM ET with the live stream on Twitch starting at about 7 PM ET.

The platform for the RectiVersus 2v2 Showdown will be on PC only and competitors must have a LAN connection to compete.

Here is how the prizing will work:

1st – $125

2nd – $50

3rd – $25

Sign up with your duo for this event now!

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