AdvancedGG reveals limited time halloween collection

by Tyler Nienburg | October 06, 2022

It's spooky season which means Halloween themed items are coming from multiple different companies. This week, AdvancedGG revealed their Halloween line which includes t-shirts, hoodies, shakers and vitamins.

To start off the famous AdvancedGG ice shaker gets its own limited time Halloween edition for $44.99 USD. Featuring a unique font to the logo and of course the color orange for this time of the year. 

This might be one of the better shakers from AdvancedGG and that's the glow in the dark Halloween stretch shaker for only $13.99.

You can't forget about swag when it comes to Advanced and this exclusive Spooky T-shirt is one of the best we've seen from our partner. This shirt costs $19.99 USD.

When talking scary this might be the scariest of all the Halloween items Advanced has out there. The Crunchy Whole Locust vitamins might be scary for some as they look identical to what the bug looks like. 

If you are willing to try this you can purchase it for $15.00 USD.

There are more bundles and clothing that are part of the AdvancedGG Halloween line. You can view the rest here

 Make sure to use code RECTIFY for 10% off your order! 

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